The Unwelcomed FEARS in our journey…

“The only thing we need to fear is FEAR itself”- Franklin D. Roosevelt

We are taught how important it is to be fearful of everything around us all these years. Right from God to our boss to our school teachers to our neighbours to our failures, the list goes on.

We fear God,
We fear love,
We fear failing,
We fear gossip,
We fear rejection,
We fear appreciation,
We fear sickness,
We fear losing people,
We fear religion,
We fear politics
We fear birth and
We fear death.

These are some of the unwelcomed fears in our journey, only to know that these apprehensions are 90% of your imagination. The remaining 10% are the result of that 90% of your imagination. And if those fears are not sufficient, we even have a different set of phobias such as trypophobia, claustrophobia, fear of water, social phobia, fear of the dark, fear of heights, etc. Seems like our entire life is composed of fears. These are the fears in our journey. We don’t know what to do about it, because we are taught to be fearful, and we don’t know how to experience freedom.

The freedom after conquering the fear…

We can only experience freedom if we know how to get over our fears.

Right from birth, we are taught if you do “this”, you will have to face “this” so don’t do it. That’s fear!

The right kind of education brings you freedom more than fear.

But there’s a huge gap between education and freedom. That gap is built up by our own fears.

The second most important thing that parents must teach to their babies should be to “Become Fearless”
First remains LOVE!

Depiction of expressing love & teach a child to become fearless.

Let your child make mistakes and let him discover. That’s how he will evolve. If he will never learn to stumble then he will never learn to walk. That’s the key. We are never taught that way!

Parents usually believe it’s their responsibility to PROTECT their children, but ideally, their only responsibility is just to EDUCATE their children. Instead of telling them “we love you, that’s why we want you to be safe…” replace this statement by saying,
“We love you, that’s why we want you to be fearless, we want you to make mistakes and learn from them, we believe in you”

See the difference by yourself!

The only fears that you should have in life are:
not trying,
not taking that first step,
not believing in yourself,
not making mistakes,
not becoming independent,
not loving yourself enough.
not afraid of doing the right thing!

As a parent or as an adult, we have to break the stereotype and the fearful boundary we have created. Create positive & healthy boundaries instead of negative ones. We will discuss boundaries in detail in another blog post.

Our Indian education system has been an examination system all this while.

To quote Dr. Radhakrishnan Pillai, an author, Founder of Chanakya Aanvikshiki Pvt. Ltd., he says, ” It is not an education system, it is an examination system”, & yes, I couldn’t agree more with this. Anxiety about passing or flunking an examination has taken more lives than anything else would ever take. According to the reports released by National Crime Records Bureau, at least 4,046 children died by suicide due to failure in examinations (Source- Hindustan Times). This includes fear of facing your parents, fear of facing your friends, fearing the world, and fearing the future. You name the fear & it’s there. How unfortunate right?

Please note that I am not against exams, I am against the process in which examinations are conducted, and I am against the system that puts uncertainty within you that one failure will destroy your career. I have heard teachers yelling at students that their “Career is finished.”

When I mention the process, it has to do with the thought process, & not the literal process of examination. For example- If you fail in a subject or an entire exam, the next step should be to encourage the person to do it better, but instead, they are encouraged to doubt themselves, they are not worthy enough, and they are not allowed to pursue with the next grade. The thought process: Oh no!! You will now have to repeat a year OR Your batchmates are going ahead of you, you will stay behind forever OR You will remain a failure all your life & so on.

Shift the process of thinking. Don’t pass your archaic standard of thinking to future generations. It can cost somebody their life. Break the chain.

Conclusion: After years of observation, half of my life have spent being fearful, because I never knew how to acknowledge them, how to accept them, how to face them, or how to overcome them. It’s crazy! These things are an experience but how about introducing them into our education system? Please note that I am not in any way suggesting including it in our examination system. People need to understand the difference between the education system & examination system. With this, I will see you in my next post and will bring something more to the education system. Do suggest some topics from your end too!

Meanwhile, you may check out my previous blog that talks about Holistic Education https://isnehalsoni.wordpress.com/2021/01/16/holistic-education-a-system-that-can-change-the-world/

Launching Sakhi Se Baatein Podcast- Trailer out!

Namaste 🙏🏽

Here’s a sneak peek into Sakhi Se Baatein that will be a voice, a journey, a learning experience, where we will highlight various issues, share experiences, travel stories, a glimpse into holistic lifestyle, spirituality and a lot more. Stay Tuned because you cannot afford to miss this. 😉

You can now listen to this trailer on Spotify too. And do share your feedback with me. I can count on you guys to help me grow this time. 🙏🏽🙈

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Holistic Education: A system that can change the world!!

“The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Do you remember the last time you enjoyed the process of learning? Have you ever brainstormed why you scored average during your school or college days? For those who secured good marks, were you stress-free and fearless while you were studying for exams? Do exams pressurise you to do well, and if you do not pass in any of the subjects, were you worried about your parent’s reputation? Were you embarrassed because at times your teachers used to announce scores in front of the whole class? Did it feel right?

Gosh!! So many questions, right? But these are some of the questions that are generally a great concern for all of us, isn’t it?

Most of the time we spend our educational days in stress and fear. Bunking lectures is cool, but ask yourself one question: would you ever bunk your class if you loved the subject and that too, when the teachers are sharing the kind of knowledge that you were always seeking? 

No, right? You would probably never run away from schools or colleges if quality-driven education is made available to you. 

Most of our lives have been spent on developing our intellectual capacity. Our education has been more of scores, grades, percentages, the reputation of our parents, no failures policy, competition amongst each other, following the crowd and so on. It’s a never-ending list. Our system never focused on overall development. That’s where Holistic Education takes a dramatic entry.

We always perceive education to be academic, however, this concept must change now. The right kind of Education will never allow you to declare war, it will never allow you to discriminate; the right kind of education will free you from bondage, it will nourish your mind, body and soul. It’s important to understand the holistic approach for education and contemplate in that direction.

Every single thing in the world needs to be balanced and our education system is one of them. Our ancient culture always promoted a holistic approach for education, THE GURUKUL SYSTEM, however, the western education system has majorly destroyed our ancient education system. We all are the product of the western education system and that’s not even an issue. The issue is that now westerners are adopting our ancient and traditional form of the education system and they are calling it theirs and we are again left with nothing. For example, Yoga, this ancient science is like a heritage that has been passed on to us by our ancestors, and all that we say is ” Yoga is BORING”. 

Photo by Elina Fairytale on Pexels.com

On the other hand, westerners are thrilled to learn Yoga, they enrol themselves in Yoga in our country, they learn it, adapt it in their life, train themselves and take it back to their own country. They earn it well, much better than Indian origin Yoga trainers.

We are never taught how to act socially, how to deal with our emotions, how to connect spiritually, or how to enhance our overall personality.

Our Indian Education system has now recognised the need for a holistic approach, but its implementation is a matter of time. The work has to be done at a grassroots’ level, and to understand that, one needs to first educate parents, then teachers and then it should be passed on to children. Education has become a tedious process for children nowadays and all they have to do is hustle for passing the examination. 

Hustle shouldn’t be just to pass an examination or complete some notes, or finish a particular task, the real hustle is to learn how to fight daily battles, how to prepare someone for future obstacles, how to enhance the spiritual intelligence, how to understand emotional intelligence or how to love yourself. 

What if we build an education system that can do all of the things that I have mentioned above? Will the world accept this kind of education system, that may not focus on grades but may focus on the upliftment of each other. Will academic qualifications matter after learning life skills successfully? Well, unless we don’t taste it, we don’t experience it, we are not going to know!

Include Experiential Learning, finance education, real-world skills, spiritual learnings etc. in the regular curriculum and you will see how things will start changing from the grassroots level. Parents must be given a workshop on Parenting before they admit their children to schools, teachers must be trained how to take a holistic approach towards learning and then one should take up a charge to educate children. If this is already happening, the change has already begun, and if not, the time has arrived that the education system should now be revamped. The world after all is changing rapidly and awareness is going for a toss. After reading the blog, some of you might point out on National Educational Policy, 2020, so here’s the thing that I would like to tell you all- NEP is definitely a step towards a holistic approach for education, however, according to me, it will take years to implement the policy in our country. Everything looks good on papers but what matters is how this will shape up when it is implemented for real. Time will tell, whether NEP will prove to be an efficient policy to balance our education system or no.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

On this note, signing off. It’s a long post definitely, but worth your time and read. Share it with everyone around you. 

Photo by Ann H on Pexels.com

Similarities that I found between Mahabharata and Avengers…

The idea of Sci-Fi movies was quite hilarious to me until I watched the Marvel series of Avengers. I adored every bit of it to the level of falling in love whether he is Captain America, Iron Man, Loki, Thanos, or Scarlet Witch. Therefore, before watching “Avengers- Endgame”, I began watching the prequels of the series. Right from Iron Man- 1 to the Infinity War, I binge-watched almost every Marvel movie. By the way, I was drooling over larger than life character of Mr. Tony Stark by the end of its first part- What a genius!!

However, the war at the Endgame reminded me of the Mahabharata war. The destruction, the battle for righteousness, and the fight for their loved ones resemble Avengers in many ways. Every character had their perspective and had their own story to communicate.

The characters were pretty similar to the characters of Mahabharata. I am not alleging that the characters from Avengers are traced from the Mahabharata. However, you cannot deny the fact that there are numerous similarities that I found between Avengers and Mahabharata.

Both the sagas are unique in my view. Here’s my analysis of both the folklores. Check out for yourself and see if you can think of more such resemblances, I would be delighted to read them.

Let’s begin with our two glorious and powerful women who characterize empowerment according to me. Black Widow reminds me of one of the most prominent characters of Mahabharata, the Yagyaseni Draupadi- the one who is born from fire and has attributes that of fire. The pride, the valor that the Black widow carries with herself uncannily resembles Draupadi.

One of the mighty personalities of Mahabharata is Bheema. Don’t you think, he is very much similar to our incredible Hulk, from the Avengers series? I bet you, there are many similarities between them too. One of them is the structure of their body. They are individuals who would not think before taking any action. They both are action oriented individuals & act according to the given situation.

Captain America is more of a generous character and a warrior which makes him go parallel with the mighty Arjuna, the one who leads the army. The captain can also be compared to Yudhishthira for his righteousness and fairness. “They can do this all day.”

Hawkeye, gives you Karna Vibes, because of the exceptional qualities that he possesses such as he was an acrobat and marksman. One of the major qualities that he shares with Karna is “Archery”. Even though these qualities are possessed by Arjuna, for me Karna stands out.

The next in the line is Thor, he is known to be the God of Thunder, and in our folklore, there is only one, who can be remembered, which is our very own Lord Indra. He is the ultimate God of thunder in our mythology.

The next important character of Avenger is the antagonist, Thanos, who is more or less like the antagonist of Mahabharata, Duryodhana. Just like Duryodhana, if there were people who hated Thanos, so there were people who admired him truly. So love it or hate it, you just can’t ignore both of them.

And last but not the least, the one who ended the war, the Iron Man, who somehow reminded me of Lord Krishna of Mahabharata. That snap of Iron Man at the climax of the endgame which ended the war prompted me that how only Lord Krishna was capable of ending the great Mahabharata war. I am in no way comparing Lord Krishna with a fictional character. Unnecessary assumptions are injurious to mind, body, and soul.

There can be many other personalities that can be compared to our historical characters.

But these are some of my observations of the characters that I believe have certain similarities amongst them. Not going into much detail about it.

If you have any such theories or observations that you believe in, please do share them on my blog, I would love to read them.   

Your Self has a respect!!


What’s so great about this word??

For your ownself its self- respect, For others it is disrespect.

Respect is like a business, if you give then only you get in return. But sometimes its sooo expensive that people refuses to give in at all.

Ohh!! it comes with lots of conditions too..

So here there is twist😊

Respect is to be given for some reasons. Anyway, Humans don’t even breathe without a reason.

So an employee gets respect from his employer till the time he is doing his work, a servant is respected till the time he is serving his master. That one time he refuses to serve, everything goes in vain. Another term that steals all the show is “Self- Respect”, isn’t it??

So there are people out there who compromises with this mighty term. An employee has to bear insults so that he is not fired from his job. A servant is suppose to bear humiliations because a Master is supposed to be always ahead of him. And if he thinks of his self- respect even for a second, he gets left- right and centre from his master.

And on a practical note,

A master or a boss forgets one thing, but What??

That “a master is not a master without a servant, a boss is nothing without his employees, a government is nothing without his citizens” and they actually forget this simple principle of life. If a master pays his servant for his work, then a servant is giving his precious time, he also leaves his family behind to serve you, he compromises with his own self-respect when he bows down to you, for which you might have just bashed him for not giving you respect.

Am I making sense??

Respect is a game that is played every now and then. Every person has their own version of respect. But what really matters?? ” Your Self-respect”


Never compromise on self- respect when you are right. It does not make you arrogant, it does not make you egoistic and no one has that right to let your self- respect down. One thing that I have learnt in life is respect yourself first and only then people around you will favour you. And it does not require any position in the society.

It just need faith, faith in your ownself. Nothing ever will let you down. No one will ever be able to harm your dignity😊

And thats where the essence of Respect lies.

“Sammaan se badhkar Atma-Sammaan hai..

Isse agar sahi tarah samjho..toh koi aapko jhuka nahi sakta”

On that note, I leave you all with a thought, that sometimes people even misinterpret self-respect as “EGO”.. It is very important to differentiate between both of them😊

PS: I am wholly and solely responsible for my personal views shared in my post. You may also share yours🙂

Thank You Nature!!

Taken from Gabbar Hill, Ambaji, North Gujarat.

Ahh! What a beautiful world that we live in.

When you travel, there are some heavenly vibes that nature gifts you and you can’t resist but to admire this stunning creativity of the supreme being.

Such flawless artistry makes me fall for the nature more.

I was mesmerised by the beauty of this spectacular creation.

No wonder why nature is considered to be “Mother Nature”.
How it only showers love on us and nothing else, just like our own mother, isn’t it?

But we humans think constructing concrete jungle is a step towards development.
The man-made jungle cannot ever compete the God’s creation of nature.
And I have to admit that I am also equally responsible for it.

I am a nature lover but I never contributed anything to conserve it, to protect it. And I declare that I am guilty of it.
Just think for a moment what nature does for us and what our man made jungle has done to us??

There is a reason why I can call Nature as “Mother”
Nature oriented places carasses you with fresh air and no matter how much ever you are depressed, you feel tranquilised when you embrace them.
The trees are the reason that you breathe oxygen, the fresh air. And with concrete jungle we breathe the toxic air and we call it as “development”.

If nature is our mother, we humans naturally are her spoilt kids.

So when a mother showers her love, we don’t value it and when she is angry, we blame her for every destruction that takes place around us.

Perhaps, we can never know the worth of the gifts that exist amongst us.

Trust me and I am sure everyone would agree to it that the climate change that we are facing is not because of the nature, but the whole and sole reason is HUMANS.

I salute those who fight to save our nature, to save our earth.

I pledge today that I would contribute towards our nature within my capacity or even beyond if possible.

I know its too late but as it is rightly said,

“Better late then NEVER”

So here are some pictures in which I have started my bit with my team.

Then Buddies and now a team 😊

With “Agami” we have started a tree plantation drive- a small service for our nature.

and many more further activities to be added in near future.

Anyone who wants to be the part of it, can feel free to contact us 😊

Thank you 😊🤗

Ek कृष्ण Vrindavan ka, Ek कृष्ण Dwarka ka !!

एक कृष्ण वृंदावन का, तो दुजा कृष्ण द्वारका का!!

एक कृष्ण ने प्रेम सिखाया, तो दुजे ने धर्म का पाठ पढ़ाया !!

एक कृष्ण रासलिला रचाए, तो दुजा कृष्ण राजनिती सिखाए !!

एक कृष्ण बाँसुरी बजाता, तो दुजा सुदर्शन चक्र चलाता !!

एक कृष्ण जिसने गैया चराई, तो दुजे कृष्ण ने महाभारत रचाई !!

एक कृष्ण जिसने प्रेम की राह दिखाई, तो दुजे ने साम-दाम-दंड-भेद का मार्ग अपनाया !!

वृंदावन जहाँ वो सबका “कान्हा” कहलाता था, वही कान्हा अब “द्वारिकाधिश” कहलाया गया !!

एक कृष्ण जो माखनचोर कहलाया, तो दुजा कृष्ण रणछोड़ जाना गया!!

एक कृष्ण जिसे अनेक माताओ ने आशिर्वाद दिया, तो दुजे कृष्ण ने एक माता के श्राप को सर आँखो पर बिठाया!!

एक कृष्ण जिसने वृंदावन की धरती को “प्रेम भुमी” बना दी, और दुजे ने कुरुक्षेत्र की धरती को “युध भुमी” मे परिवर्तित कर दिया!!

कान्हा तुम्हे समझ पाना शायद इतना सरल ना हो पर, पर तुम्हे समझ पाने की ये यात्रा बड़ी खुबसुरत है!!

—- Snehal Soni

जन्मदिन मुबारक हो “Sakha”

Channelizing Inner KRISHNA

How important it is to stand for yourself and face your problem with courage and not with fear?

While fearing the problem makes you run away from it whereas facing the problem makes you stand with dignity.

I realized it after watching the ongoing mythological show “Radha Krishna” wherein they are trying to make you aware of all the vices that has made a house inside each and everyone of us and only way to keep that love alive is, freedom from all those iniquities.

While the authenticity of the stories shown in the show is questionable but the hidden message behind it is worth learning.

In one of its episode,

Kansa planned to get hold of Krishna, hook or by crook, fearing, that a mere shepherd is going to be his fate, the Lord of his death. Since Radha is Krishna’s soul, the King of Mathura presumed that Krishna’s life is in Radha, the Queen of Barsana. Kansa’s plan was to trap Radha so that Krishna, knowing Radha to be in danger, would turn up at Mathura for Radha’s rescue. And somewhere Radha also was convinced that her Krishna, would turn up to save her life. Although, she had a faith that he would arrive at her calling, Krishna didn’t as he was well aware about the trap that Kansa had planned for him. Krishna was witnessing the ongoing battle inside Radha like a spectator but he was adamant on not going to Mathura for Radha’s rescue, for the reason that, the mighty lord wished Radharani to channelize her inner strength, her inner “Krishna.”

Similarly, when we face an unfortunate situation, first thing that we do is to call out for God and when he does not emerge, we held him responsible for all our misfortunes. But sometimes what we perceive is really not the TRUTH.

The supreme being always stays with us and within us. Its just that he wish us to channelize our inner energy, our inner “Krishna” and only then we realise our capability to face any circumstances.

But we stop trusting him and our “Ego” makes up his way for himself. We start considering ourselves superior enough to fight any situation and proclaim that God doesn’t exist for us.

Yes, one can fight any obstacle in life but don’t forget, the courage that you gathered to confront the same unfortunate situation is because you called out your inner “KRISHNA.”    

P. S: I am not being preachy, It is just my observation. 😎 I would also like to know your views and would love to read it on my comment box😊

Agar Har Insaan mein Hari hai…

Agar Har insaan mein “Hari” hai,
Phir woh “Hari”, kyun Burai karvata hai ek dusre se?
Agar har insaan mein “Hari” hai,
Phir kyun koi kisika Dil dukhata hai?
Agar har Insaan mein “Hari” hai,
Phir kyun kisika Apman hota hai?
Kya kisika Apman, “Hari” ka Apman nahi?
Kya Kisi ki Burai, “Hari” ki Burai nahi?
Kya kisiki izzat se khilvad, Hari ki izzat ke saath khilvad nahi?
Jaha har mann mein “Hari” ka nivas hai, phir ussi mann ke saath chal kyun?
Jis mann mein Prem hota hai, ussi ke saath kapat kyun?
Agar Har Mann mein “Hari” hai,
Phir kyun jo “Hari”, Vishvas ki neev daalta hai, wahi mann mein basa hua “Hari” ussi Vishwas ki neev hila deta hai?
Jo “Hari” har mann mein basa hai, uska samman puri tarha hona “Abhi shesh hai.”

The Game of Perception

We all have different perspective on looking at things or any situation. Some choose to look at things positively or negatively depends on the gravity of the problem. Sometimes we see a negative act, we perceive it negatively, though the outcome of it can be positive in the future. And certain things that we perceive it positively, it can turn out to be negative later on.

You see it’s all “the Game of Perception.”

Let me narrate you all a story

Moses, a person who was in need of a spiritual companionship found one in Al Khidr which proved to be an eye-opening experience for the former. Al Khidr was a Lifelong traveller and Moses wanted to follow him on his journey to which Khidr said “If you want to accompany me, you have to be patient and not question me.” Moses agreed and set out the journey with Khidr in the most unusual way. Little did he know that a ‘wali’ or a prophet has their own way of doing certain things, Moses started inhibiting the ways in which Khidr used to do certain acts. At one fine day, Moses gave up his promise to not question Khidr about his actions as he could not resist and when he asked all his doubts to Khidr, he explained each one of them. Moses then realised that certain things happens for a reason. And patience is all you need.

Though the journey of Moses was short-lived with his master Khidr but he learnt a life long lesson to look at certain things with different perspective and with patience. What he felt as wrong acts performed by Khidr were actually the acts that were the need of an hour. Those acts, if not performed, can shape up devastatingly in forthcoming days.

Looking at problems and analysing them more deeply can change our perspective towards life and may be in a positive way. Isn’t it??

P. S: This is straight coming from my personal experience, and I am not preaching at all.

Just my “Perspective”